Thursday, January 6, 2011

Install Opera Mini browser on Windows CE 6.0-based China netbook SMARTBOOK / SMARTMEDIA.

cnr704A friend of mine received this portable China notebook, running WinCE 6.0:
CPU WM8505
DISPLAY 7 "TFT 800 * 480

I searched in the internet browser that works with this OS.
Naturally there was not much choice. The problem was that Internet Explorer and other browsers based on it did not support windows-1251 encoding. Web pages in Bulgarian, and not only did not work correctly.
There was a problem with other websites such as facebook.
It turned out that the operating system does not recognize. cab installation files. My work has become even more now.
Thanks to Benoit Thonnart and its program MSCEInf - (a utility to find and analyse all the data contained in installation CAB files) I managed to extract from the program. cab file installation.
After many tests and program versions. Success С отворена уста
So How to install Opera Mini 5 on your WinCE system?
Download this Opera file to your computer from HERE or HERE. Unzip it. Copy the Opera Mini folder on your netbook. Run the file OperaMini5-WM-armv4.
Naturally it was established as a mobile application so that there are some peculiarities.
You can use the “F1” key as “MENU” and “OK” in some cases.
”F2” button works as "Back".
Button “1” is used as the "Edit".
Everything else is working properly.
If you receive an error message: Opera Mini failed to connect
Check and Set the date of your computer. If you set your computer to the wrong year and month Opera Mini will not work!
Here are some pictures:
Apologies for quality but are made with my phone Усмивка

Opera browser also supports multitabbing Усмивка


  1. dude can you play youtube videos on your netpad?coz i bought mine and it was a littlebit crappy coz it dont play youtube says that my browser is old and it cannot support to play the .swf files. mail me here thanks in advance

  2. Hi, unfortunately this laptop is no longer with me :(
    As far as I know to watch youtube videos on Windows CE 6.0 you must have installed TCPMP Player or Core Player. Also you can try with this version of the youtube site :
    You can also read this information:
    You can try to install this version of TCPMP Player here:
    or here:
    You can try if you want this chat program for facebook. I do not know if he still works!
    Good luck!

  3. works for me ..... but need improvment for you tube the way good work keep it up

  4. hi hitin ,im having a small problem find the agree button on the terms and conditions on opera . great work btw im about to try the fbchat now

    1. sorry to reply late man look this is the simple one when it ask u to accept u can press f1 as the guy below aslso says about that ......and more over it the best one out there yet as i come over....

    2. any prob mail me on

  5. I have the same netbook. I followed your instructions and it installed cleanly. I used the F1 key to "Accept" the terms and conditions. This is indeed much faster than the pitiful IE6 that comes with the netbook. My major issue is that I cannot zoom in or zoom out at all. Some pages render really huge and I can navigate about to get to where I need to go, but some render with really tiny unreadable fonts, so the ability to zoom in would be greatly appreciated. 5, 0, 9, + and - all fail to change the zoom.

  6. Never mind. Sometimes serendipity is best. After trying all kinds of key combinations on a webpage I needed to zoom into, I accidentally clicked on the background and voila! It zoomed in and I could happily read the links.

  7. Hi, garyb. Glad you found the answer :)

  8. Thank you for this post. After spending a few hours trying to install other browsers, Opera Mini finally works well on this Windows CE computer!

    Most of my non-optimized for mobile web pages appear normal size and I use a mouse to drag the web page around as on a tablet. I don't need to zoom.

    Thanks again and all the best!

    1. I'm glad I helped. All the best to you too.

  9. Hello, sorry for the late reply but I am very busy lately. There is an office suite, but it is paid. You can look here: Here are some useful tools and topics: If I find something suitable, I will write about it. Greetings!Отмяна на редакциите

  10. Can u plz upload your notebooks office to this website plz.plz.plz like how u uploaded opera,and tcpmp player

  11. i am trying to install android software to this notebook can this possible or not please help me

  12. Can you please help me to install skype on windows ce 6.0

    1. Hi, unfortunately I could not install Skype for this type of laptops. Search anywhere on google for a solution, can anyone managed to install it correctly. Here are some topics that may be useful I hope:




  13. Thanks, Sbonkov! This really makes my minibook more useful. Anyway I have two questions.
    1) Is there any way to minimize opera so I can get back to my desctop without shutting it down?
    2) Is there any way to change the "favorites" which appear at the start page?
    I've tried to achieve both of these things with no luck, but I guess there must be a way. Thanks for all your help.

    1. Hi, unfortunately this laptop is no longer with me and I can not test it, and I have forgotten some of the features.
      I think there must be a way to minimize the browser, and edit your favorites.
      I read somewhere that there is such an option by pressing the button (END) to minimize.
      The problem is that these laptops do not have this button (END) as far as I remember.
      You can try other keys to test, such as (Alt + Tab) or Esc.
      To edit your favorites, try clicking on them with the right mouse button as far as I remember.

    2. I tried this out for a netbook my friend had that seemed to be the same as sbonkov originally installed on, and it worked well. Here's what I found myself about your 2 questions:
      1) No
      2) Easy. As pointed out in this blog, the number 1 is "edit". All you do is use the arrow keys to select the one you want to change and press 1 and choose edit or delete. If you choose delete, the next time you click on that empty spot it'll ask what you want. I've found it's best if you've already copied the link for the mobile version of the website (by going to the website, pressing F1, pressing 1, and choosing "copy). Then, when it asks what you want, you can click into the address, delete www., and type ctrl-v.

  14. Hy, I think I have a debt with you guys. I finally foun a way to minimize opera, I really needed that. Several things should be done.
    1)Open something, I suggest "My computer", or better yet My computer/Windows/desktop and minimize it.
    2)Open opera
    3)Now when you want to go somewhere else in your minibook, go to the taskbar and RIGHT CLICK on "my computer" or "desktop". It will pop right up and from there you can go wherever you want, just remember thet your taskbar will be strange, to get back to Opera RIGHT CLICK on it. Now you can use opera and something else at the same time, you can even copy in opera and paste somewhere else. I Hope this is useful for somebody.

  15. Hi, great idea and great know how, but I have followed carefully all of your instructions, and when finally I click on the icon OperaMini5-WM-armv4, nothing happens, it does not open, it does not work. I have exactly the same chinese cheap mini-laptop as the other users who have written here. Can you help me? Thank you very much.

  16. Hello Matteo! I do not know what's wrong with you. You can try another version of Opera. Opera Mobile 10
    Here are the links to download:

  17. hi
    i downloaded the zip file but i failed to install the opera mini browser on windows ce version 6.00. it says illegal operation and not windows ce operation. can you mail me the detail procedure at my mail id that is
    will wait for your reply eagerly.


  18. Hello Sameer, I do not know what exactly is the problem with you but I can give you some suggestions.
    1) Try again to copy the files on the laptop.

    2) You can try another version of Opera. Opera Mobile 10
    Here are the links to download:

    3) You can try to extract from. Cab file another version of the browser
    with this program MSCEInf

    Here you can find a brief description of MSCEInf (Cab-Analyser)

    Here's a link to some different versions of
    Opera mobile

    Opera Mini

    Hope this helps :)

    P.S. : What is your CPU?
    Browser from the link in the article is tested on a machine with CPU WM8505 OS: WINDOWS EMBEDDED CE 6.0

  19. Now, Opera browser works on my small chinese minilaptop with Windows CE. Wonderful!
    If you manage to solve even the problem of seeing streaming videos on that pc, you're a genius. But in that case maybe it's a problem of poor Ram, and so there's no solution.

    P. S. Even the idea of the online vibrators shop is simply genial. I am planning to buy some of them as a gift, for my female colleagues of work. Maybe they would come at work more smiling and relaxed and less aggressive and neurotic...

  20. I'm unable to access my local network... I googled it and people said we really can't access it... is that true? Anybody knows a way to access the local network through Opera Mini?

  21. win key is the one with three orange Zs well winkey+m will minimize the browser

  22. Hello, I have installed in a multimedia Central car with wince 6, is that when I'm on the Internet, I noticed that my connection is directed to a China IP and then back. Is there an option to disable the proxy that is active? I found no option ...

    1. You can try with Default IP Firewall Rules
      or if you find any other firewall for wince.

  23. i have the same trouble the only web sites i can get are the two fartory pre loaded it is a double din car radio with internet.Amazon and ebay can't get any other web pages i don't know what going on chinese radio mobile internet.I can't seem to update

  24. Worked straight away. Opera is a far better browser than IE6 supplied. Thank you and all who have contributed.

  25. hello,
    Thanks, for the opera link. It is the best solution for this netbook. Iwant to ask you if you know how to change the default media player. When I click a video link WIndows media player pop up and I want tcpmp/core player